Advice / Workshop

Individual grant advice on proposal writing, rebuttal and interview

Our advice concerns the content and strategy of your proposal. Also, we will answer all your funding agency related questions and provide analyses of former rejected proposals. Your proposal will stand a 2,5 times stronger chance on a grant, 2,5 being the proven success rate within competitive programs for basic research proposals.

Interactively and within a few days we will comment on the draft of your research proposal, your rebuttal to peer comments or on your presentation for an interview. We continue doing so till your proposal, rebuttal or interview has a convincing message, understandable for non-peers also. We will indicate from the beginning what chances you have on winning a grant, so you can decide in an early stage to continue or not.

After the second advice we will make an appointment, on the location of your choice, for further advice on the proposal, rebuttal or interview. In between we communicate by telephone and email.

If you are interested in how this may help you acquire a grant, please contact HandsonGrants.

Workshops Grant Writing: on consultation
Training interview: on consultation
Thorough text improvements: on consultation
Workshops and lectures Grant Writing on your location: on consultation