Support with Research Proposal

Support with Research Proposal Writing, Rebuttal and Interview
With a proven 2,5 times higher success rate for national funding systems and ERC grants. ERC fundings schemes are Starting Grant, ERC Consolidator Grant, ERC Advanced Grant, ERC Synergy Grant and ERC Proof of Concept Grant

Since 2014, we have a partnership with Tory Bedrijfsadvisering
Specialized in the guidance of governments, institutions and companies.

Expertise HandsonGrants is built on
Theory since 1981; Thesis 2000; Experiments within NWO, Psychology of group decision making, Writing skills, Presentation skills and Practices since 1998.

This all is at your disposal in our book (April 2012)

In Search of Scientific Excellence
Scientists’ guide to public funding
Frans van den Beemt
Peter de Zoete

Eleven International Publishing
Sold and distributed in USA and Canada
International Specialized Book Services
ISBN 978-94-90947-56-9